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Coming Up Roses
Deco Monogram
Dragonfly Font
Fancy Butterfly Font
Floral Font
Flower Kitty Font
Golden Monogram
Hello Lady Bug Font
Holiday Cane Font
Holiday Flower Font
Honey Bee Font
Hoot Halloween Font
Iris Scroll Font
Ladybug Font
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New Pumpkin Face font in 4x4  & 5x7
New letter each day Monday - Friday Only. Click photo to download. I try to be as fair as I can. Please do not ask me to send these.You have to remember to check each day. I add the new one between 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm. EST This is approximate time and try to stay within this time. Not all clocks are set the same to the minute or second. So please be as fair to me for doing this as I am giving them to you for free.. Always check after 8 pm EST

Betty''s Original Embroideries - Product Index
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Hat Bird 2 Set
Hatched Font ABC
Hatched Font DEF
Hatched Font GHI
Hatched Font JKL
Hatched Font MNO
Hatched Font PQR
Hatched Font STU
Hatched Font VWX
Hatched Font YZ
Haunted House Village Not Embroidery SVG Files
Heart Ice cream Single
Heart Scroll Not Embroidery SVG For Cutting Machines
Heart Turtle Font ABC
Heart Turtle Font DEF
Heart Turtle Font GHI
Heart Turtle Font JKL
Heart Turtle Font MNO
Heart Turtle Font PQR
Heart Turtle Font STU
Heart Turtle Font VWX
Heart Turtle Font YZ
Hearts & Animals
Hearts & Flowers Monogram A to Z
Hearts Scene Set
Hearts With Meaning
Hedgehog Baby Set
Hello Ladybug Font ABC
Hello Ladybug Font DEF
Hello Ladybug Font GHI
Hello Ladybug Font JKL
Hello Ladybug Font MNO
Hello Ladybug Font PQR
Hello Ladybug Font STU
Hello Ladybug Font YZ
Hello Ladybug VWX
Here Kitty Set
Hint Of Fall Block Set
Holiday Berries Font ABC
Holiday Berries Font DEF
Holiday Berries Font GHI
Holiday Berries Font JKL
Holiday Berries Font MNO
Holiday Berries Font PQR
Holiday Berries Font STU
Holiday Berries Font VWX
Holiday Cane Font ABC
Holiday Cane Font DEF
Holiday Cane Font GHI
Holiday Cane Font JKL
Holiday Cane Font MNO
Holiday Cane Font PQR
Holiday Cane Font STU
Holiday Cane Font VWX
Holiday Cane Font YZ
Holiday Cats Meow
Holiday Cruise
Holiday Cupcake
Holiday Flower Font DEF
Holiday Flower Font GHI
Holiday Flower Font JKL
Holiday Flower Font MNO
Holiday Flower Font PQR
Holiday Flower Font STU
Holiday Flower Font VWX
Holiday Flower Font YZ
Holiday Frenzy
Holiday Hipster Parts
Holiday Mailboxes 1
Holiday Mug Rugs
Holiday Of Angels
Holiday One Color Set
Holiday Quilt Set
Holiday Rows
Holiday Silhouettes
Holiday Tree Applique Font ABC
Holiday Tree Applique Font DEF
Holiday Tree Applique Font GHI
Holiday Tree Applique Font JKL
Holiday Tree Applique Font MNO
Holiday Tree Applique Font PQR
Holiday Tree Applique Font STU
Holiday Tree Applique Font VWX
Holiday Tree Applique Font YZ
Holiday Tree Sayings
Holly Wreath Font ABC
Holly Wreath Font DEF
Holly Wreath Font GHI
Holly Wreath Font JKL
Holly Wreath Font MNO
Holly Wreath Font PQR
Holly Wreath Font STU
Holly Wreath Font VWX
Holly Wreath Font YZ
Home For The Holidays
Home is Where
Home Tweet Home
Honey Bee Botanical Sketch
Honey Bee Font ABC
Honey Bee Font DEF
Honey Bee Font GHI
Honey Bee Font JKL
Honey Bee Font MNO
Honey Bee Font PQR
Honey bee Font STU
Honey bee Font VWX
Honey bee Font YZ
Hoot Fuzzy Font
Hoot Fuzzy Font DEF
Hoot Fuzzy Font GHI
Hoot Fuzzy Font JKL
Hoot Fuzzy Font MNO
Hoot Fuzzy Font PQR
Hoot Fuzzy Font STU
Hoot Fuzzy Font VWX
Hoot Fuzzy Font YZ
Hoot Halloween Font ABC
Hoot Halloween Font DEF
Hoot Halloween Font GHI
Hoot Halloween Font JKL
Hoot Halloween Font MNO
Hoot Halloween Font PQR
Hoot Halloween Font STU
Hoot Halloween Font VWX
Hoot Halloween Font YZ
House of Flowers
Hula Hoop Hanna
Humming Bird in Fuschia
Hummingbird in Orchids
Hung Out To Dry
I Don't Care Frog Set
I wish Set
Ice Cream and Cupcakes
Ice Cream Font ABC
Ice Cream Font DEF
Ice Cream Font GHI
Ice Cream Font JKL
Ice Cream Font MNO
Ice Cream Font PQR
Ice Cream Font STU
Ice Cream Font VWX
Ice Cream Font YZ
I'm Not Lazy
In A Bed of Roses
In The Violets
Iris Scroll Font ABC
Iris Scroll Font DEF
Iris Scroll Font GHI
Iris Scroll Font JKL
Iris Scroll Font MNO
Iris Scroll Font PQR
Iris Scroll Font STU
Iris Scroll Font VWX
Iris Scroll Font YZ
Irish Holiday Bird
Irish Lace & Smiling Faces
Is it over Santa Font ABC
Is it over Santa Font DEF
Is it over Santa Font GHI
Is it over Santa Font JKL
Is it over Santa Font MNO
Is it over Santa Font PQR
Is it over Santa Font STU
Is it over Santa Font VWX
Is it over Santa Font YZ
It's A Boy Stork Project
It's A Girl Stork Project
It's Cold Outside
Just A Rose Font ABC
Just A Rose Font DEF
Just A Rose Font GHI
Just A Rose Font JKL
Just A Rose Font MNO
Just A Rose Font PQR
Just A Rose Font STU
Just A Rose Font VWX
Just A Rose Font YZ
Just a Rose Full Set
Just A Sunflower Font ABC
Just A Sunflower Font DEF
Just A Sunflower Font GHI
Just A Sunflower Font JKL
Just A Sunflower Font MNO
Just A Sunflower Font PQR
Just A Sunflower Font STU
Just A Sunflower Font VWX
Just A Sunflower Font YZ
Just Eyeballs Set
Keys To My Heart
Kids In Costume
Kids On The Go
Kissing The Mail Man
Kitchen Designs and Ladybug Set
Kitties in Scrolls
Kitties In The Garden
Kitty Dragonfly Hummingbird Set..
Kitty Moods Set
Kitty Scenes
Lace & Spring Flowers Set
Lace Detail Background Not Embroidery SVG For Cutting Machines
Lace Rose Font ABC
Lace Rose Font DEF
Lace Rose Font GHI
Lace Rose Font JKL
Lace Rose Font MNO
Lace Rose Font PQR
Lace Rose Font STU
Lace Rose Font VWX
Lace Star Applique Set
Lace Stars Set
Lacy Penguins Set
Ladybug Daisy Font ABC
Ladybug Daisy Font DEF
Ladybug Daisy Font GHI
Ladybug Daisy Font JKL
Ladybug Daisy Font MNO
Ladybug Daisy Font PQR
Ladybug Daisy Font STU
Ladybug Daisy Font VWX
Ladybug Daisy Font YZ
Ladybug Flower Single Applique
Ladybug Flower Single in Stitches
Ladybug Font ABC
Ladybug Font DEF
Ladybug Font GHI
Ladybug Font JKL
Ladybug Font MNO
Ladybug Font PQR
Ladybug Font STU
Ladybug Font VWX
Ladybug Font YZ
Ladybug Heart Font ABC
Ladybug Heart Font DEF
Ladybug Heart Font GHI
Ladybug Heart Font JKL
Ladybug Heart Font MNO
Ladybug Heart Font PQR
Ladybug Heart Font STU
Ladybug Heart Font VWX
Ladybug Heart Font YZ
Ladybug Holiday
Ladybug Leggs ABC
Ladybug Leggs DEF
Ladybug Leggs GHI
Ladybug Leggs JKL
Ladybug Leggs MNO
Ladybug Leggs PQR
Ladybug Leggs STU
Ladybug Leggs VWX
: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Gnomes Set
Gnomes Set
More Details
2. Living on a String 2021 Living on a String 2021
3. Colorful Summer Set Colorful Summer Set
Cat Mandala Set Cat Mandala Set
Eagle Head Set Eagle Head Set
Floral Scissors Set Floral Scissors Set
Blue Holly Wreath Font going on now.
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