My Designs are copyright of Betty's Original Embroideries and can not be copied or sold.You must follow these guidelines. They may be stitched on items for sale in limited quantities for craft shows and such but not mass produced. The actual designs can not be sold or copied or re-sold. Certain Graphics have a special copyrights that require a special licenses to be sold. All the links to the graphics designers are at bottoms of my pages click on them and it takes you to their sites. So read their copyrights and if they require a license to sell you must purchase that to sell as well. Designs by ArtWorks Carolyn Shores Wright Birds. These designs can be stitched on things to sell only in limited quantities!! You must use your discretion on this and be careful NO mass production! Craft fairs and raffles and other small venues are fine within limits.  You must use your discretion on this and be careful. Remember just NO mass production!  When in doubt please ask questions neither you nor I want to get ourselves in trouble selling things you are not allowed to sell.